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Recommended Reading

If you go to a Borders, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com and browse their Health and Wellness sections, you'll probably find enough books to make your head spin. Finding books on this subject with good, practical information without wasting your time can be difficult. We recommend the following books, available at our office, for those looking to learn more about wellness and improving their health.

Discover Wellness
How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich

by Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Jason Deitch


Discover Wellness is the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis. A powerful and practical guide focused on fixing the cause of America's crisis - the number of people suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases. With over 50% of personal bankruptcies related to medical debt and companies such as Starbucks spending more money on health care than on coffee, America's current health care crisis is making America sick.

Discover Wellness solves America's health care crisis not by claiming to cure all disease with the elusive holy grail of medical treatments, but by providing common sense, time tested, proven advice for better health through better living. Simply put, the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis is to have less sick people and the only way to have less sick people is to have more people who adopt healthier habits. It's as simple as that!

Anyone seeking to reduce their risk of emotional, physical and financial bankruptcy will enrich their lives by reading this book.

Core Performance

by Mark Verstegen


Although primarily focused on improving athletic performance, our office has incorporated many of Core Performance's principles, exercises and philosophy into our patient's rehabilitation and home care programs. While many exercise programs focus on simply making you look good, we view Core Performance as a functional, core-stabilizing program that helps develop improved core strength, flexibility and endurance which reduce your long-term risk for injury or re-injury and has shown to be an effective solution for both neck and lower back pain.

At your core, there's an incredible athlete. Lean, yet powerful. Strong, yet flexible. World-class trainer Mark Verstegen shows you how to use your core to transform your body and your life, turn back the clock, speed up your metabolism, trim your waistline, build muscle and gain boundless energy. More than a workout routine Verstegen's 12-week comprehensive program reveals the athlete that's always been inside you.

The Core Performance Program shows you how to:

  • Develop balanced fitness - strength, flexibility, power and endurance without overemphasizing or shortchanging any component.
  • Recover from workouts so you get leaner and stronger when everyone else is getting tired.
  • Eat the right foods to get the body you want and the energy to have more fun with it.

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